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[header header_level=”4″ style=”2″]a perfected artisan pizza, but in a cone.[/header]

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[header style=”2″]We use only the best quality![/header]
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Be 100% sure, that our Food is entirely made of best ingredients[/header]

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[header style=”1″ curved=”yes” radius=”3000″]Pizza Reinvented![/header]
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[header level=”4″]Our Story…[/header]
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Let’s face it…outside has never been a good place for pie. It’s flimsy, floppy and nearly unthinkable. Pizza in a cone means no mess, no spills and kid approved. Konz are a perfect on-the-go favourite. [/paragraph]

[paragraph bigger=”yes”]We reinvented it and changed the shape but we didn’t change your favourite pizza taste or toppings. We didn’t even try to get all fancy pants. We are doing great pizza and quality toppings in a much better way.[/paragraph]

[paragraph bigger=”yes”]Our Italian-designed oven has only a 5 minute bake time which allows us to retain the fresh and vibrant flavours of minimally stressed ingredients while also achieving a crispy outside crust that has just the right amount of character. Three things we nailed…… [/paragraph]

  • Handmade cones
  • a 200 year old tomato sauce recipe
  • three cheese blend

[paragraph bigger=”yes”]Konz sources organic and local produce whenever possible. We use aged mozzarella with its crave-inducing salty and buttery goodness. The combination of all of this is “magic”, a perfected artisan pizza, but in a cone.[/paragraph]

[paragraph bigger=”yes”]If you love pizza you are going to thank us on so many different levels.[/paragraph]
You’re welcome!

[paragraph bigger=”yes”]Now go outside and enjoy pizza for the first time…. again! [/paragraph]


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[header style=”2″]Do you like our story?[/header]
[header level=”4″ style=”3″ line=”bottom”]To find even more, please visit our [link link=”https://www.facebook.com/eatkonz”]Facebook[/link] page ![/header]

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* Flexible Turn Key Business
* Preselected Winter and Summer Locations Available
* Financing Options

[paragraph]Do you want to be your own boss? Are you entrepreneurial minded?[/paragraph]
[paragraph]Have you been following the current food cart craze and thought “I could be doing that!”[/paragraph]
[paragraph]Our food cart system is a proven concept that offers flexibility, ease of operation, full training, a turnkey business and no franchise fees! All this with a product that everyone knows and loves…pizza![/paragraph]
[paragraph]Konz food carts offer a fun, healthy and unique twist on pizza. Our food cart fleet is growing accross Western Canada.[/paragraph]


[paragraph]A Konz license includes:[/paragraph]

  • A branded and decaled food trailer
  • Fully furnished trailer with all cooking equipment
  • Training
  • Marketing support and website
  • Support during your first few opening weeks
  • Pre-selected locations with 2 year contracts may also be available


[paragraph]For a detailed confidential package on how you can be part of the food cart mania that is sweeping Western Canada, email info@eatkonz.ca. One of our representatives will be in contact with you to show you how easy it is to get started.


[paragraph]Available Cities:[/paragraph]

VICTORIA (Under Offer)

[header style=”4″]Want more details?[/header]
[header level=”4″ style=”3″ line=”bottom” bottom_line_style=”1″ bottom_line_style=”1″]Contact us today for more details.[/header]


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[header style=”1″ curved=”yes” radius=”2000″]Why not drop us a line?[/header]
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[paragraph]Stop by and try a Kone today!!![/paragraph]

[google_maps height=”226″ offset=”-20″ location=”49.8844534,-119.502555″ custom_marker=”Open now at City Park!”]
[paragraph]Our Hours[/paragraph]

[paragraph]Seasonal. Please Call[/paragraph]




[header style=”2″]Have a question? Just Shout![/header]
[header level=”4″ style=”3″]Please use above contact form to leave your message![/header]


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