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Football injury report

Football injury report

Searching for a bounce back season after a rough 2012 campaign, the virginia tech football team was on the who receive end of some bad news thursday when head athletic trainer Cheap Pandora Beads mike goforth released an injury update.

Two key pros, unpleasant lineman mark shuman and outside linebacker ronny vandyke, were ruled out for an extended stretch of time.

Shuman, remedy for paralysis starter on a volatile offensive line, is reported to have a torn lateral meniscus in his right knee and demand surgery to repair it.Based on goforth, shuman has torn the meniscus in that knee before in completely different spot and will have a four to six week recovery period.Shuman is anticipated to return in full.

Vandyke, a likely basic at outside linebacker, has a right shoulder injury that will stipulate surgery.It shall keep him out for six to eight months, meaning he will miss full 2013 season and is probable for the spring.Vandyke was required to be a playmaker this year for the hokies defense.

Backup making use of back tony gregory has re torn his left acl, actually ending his career at tech.Gregory was unlikely to play a big part in the backfield, but the truth is, he was a key person in the special teams unit.Coleman has a left high ankle sprain and a right often ankle sprain.The hokies think he be prepared for the august 31 game against alabama, but are cautioned that it is a confident projection.

If coleman is not able to play in atlanta, the hokies will be down to just one a candidate running back in redshirt freshman trey edmunds.Edmunds is the co number one running back on the depth chart with coleman.

Bad lineman augie conte has a left ankle sprain, however hokies expect a full return.This is good news for an pungent line already lacking enough depth to move true freshman defensive lineman wyatt teller to attack tackle.

With just below two weeks to go until the opening game in atlanta against two time defending national champion alabama, the hokies hope that right here is the last bad news out of the trainer office.

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