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Foreign investment refers to strategy of investment made by residents of a country in financialassets and production process of another country.It can affect the factor productivity ofthe recipient country and also affects the balance of payments.Till the end of january 2003 it couldattract a total foreign investment of around us$ 48 billions out of which us$ 23 billionsis also known as fpi.Fii is made up of around us$ 12 billions in the total foreigninvestments.Consequently, there is a need to determinethe push and pull causes of any change in the fii, so that we can frame our policiesto influence the variables which drive in foreign expenditure.Also fii has been subject ofintense phone call, as it is held accountable for intensifying currency crisis in 1990’selsewhere.

Today includes foreign pensionfunds, common funds, charitable/endowment/university investment capital etc.As well as assetmanagement companies and other money managers operating with the person, the fiis listed with sebi come from as many as 28 countries(Including moneymanagement companies operating in india regarding foreign investors).They are, still, instructive to bear in mind that these national affiliations do not really mean that theactual investor funds come from these particular countries.Given the significant financialflows among the commercial countries, national organizations are very rough indicators of the’home’ of the fii investments.Specifically institutions operating from luxembourg, cayman islands or channel islands or even those based at singapore or hong kong arelikely to be investing funds largely on behalf of residents far away.For the other hand, the regional breakdown of the fiis does provide Pandora Charms for Mom an idea of the relative importance ofdifferent regions found on earth in the fii flows.

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